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Artjem Pavlechko: Black Mark for” Blogger of All Russia”

Artjem Pavlechko: is from a town of Tulun in the Irkutsk oblast who became known as a person misleading people, declaring himself an environmentalist. There are certain doubts that he does not do it unselfishly.

He openly states: “I am blogger of all Russia, future President of Russia, with support of the channel “Sibirskaia sveJHEST” I am going to sow good, light and eternal”. Once he almost had to sow his “good” upside down in the toilet. But, a bit later about this. A. Pavlechko is the blogger who had informed all the country about a bear hunt of the former now Irkutsk oblast governor, Sergey Levchenko. But how it can be explained that the video film was not shown to anyone for two years to follow, and then it appeared suddenly with the help of anonymous sources and later by Artjem himself. Why the famous environmentalist did not make the video public immediately to reveal the governor-poacher and make it easier to punish him in hot pursuit? Was he scared or he tried to make money for keeping the video on the shelf?

General prosecutor’s office initiated a criminal case against the fact of illegal bear hunt. The reason to start the trial was the video material published by the blogger Artjem Pavlichenko. In the video we can see Levchenko first aiming at and then shooting into the bear den killing the bear with a headshot. Then the killed beast was pulled out from the den with a rope.

There are different rumors about him. Many are interested who stands behind him, why this video was kept away from public for two years and then it appeared suddenly, first it was published by anonymous sources and then by Artjem himself.

The bear was sleeping in his den, it was not a sleepless bear. Another lie, they stated that the bear hunt took place in the end of November. But the bear which was sleeping soundly in his den was killed on January 5,2017. At this time of the year hunting is prohibited and illegal, - says Artjem Pavlechko.

It pretty strange why Artjem Pavlechko did not try to save the bear, and why did he keep the video for two years before he made it public? Why the environmentalist, as she positions himself before citizens of Cheremza, did not expressed his “environmentalist anger” immediately after what had happened?!

Nobody can answer this question but Pavlechko himself; however, it is not his way to be truthful. It was evident when people of Kemerov oblast organized a tent city on the site of the planned works for a coal-loading station and excess roads near three kuzbass villages: Cheremza, GRESS and Bezrukovo. Artjem Pavlechko appeared in the tent city first by a taxi, later he became more confident to show he was there to protect interest of the Kuznetsk Yujhni, future coal loading point of which was planned to become part of the infrastructure of the enterprise. Pavlechko was seen in the office of the section, in the cars of the enterprise together with Peter Frolov, executive director and he tried arrange a show trying to organize a conflict among people. It was his task to provoke people putting one and same question, he used all means including boorish behavior to provoke aggression among environmentalists gathered there. As a result, he made two “films” which deserved total disgust among all who saw these films.

On August 13 when with support of the special purpose mobile unit i.e. special police unit miners decided to erect a solid fence around the construction site to protect it from the environmentalists’ camp, Pavlechko was there but he disappeared as soon as a group of Cheremza protectors started to discuss his fate very seriously in WhatsApp. One of the protectors suggested to dunk his head in a cesspool! As it became known later, there was a scammer in the group who warned the blogger of all Russia and future president of Russia and the latter disappeared quickly. The third film of Pavlechko was never came out.

Protectors of Cheremza lost their chance to mark Artjem Pavlechko. We are ready to hand him over our black mark. Environmentalists of Russia must know if they see this nice looking, young man among themselves not to trust him. Pavlechko is a provocateur.

He has deserved a Black Mark from us!

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