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Why is Russian Duma parliamentarian Anton Gorelkin not afraid of sanctions? That is because he has a wonderful wife, Anastasiya Gorelkina. She earns many times more than her husband. She is not yet under sanctions, despite the fact that propaganda in Kemerovo Oblast rests on the shoulders of this “fragile” woman. Military propaganda included. Anastasiya Gorelkina, née Tanasyuk, is the wife of Russian Duma member Anton Gorelkin, who introduces crazy bills (for example, on limiting foreign capital in Russian major Internet resources to 20 percent). Ms. Gorelkina manages the largest media holding in the Kuzbass, and patronizes coal miners of the region, Mikhail Fedyaev in particular.

Kuzbass Media Group

Anastasiya Gorelkina heads Kuzbass Media Group, the largest media holding in Kemerovo Oblast, which owns eight radio stations, and an advertising and PR agency. The media group covers 60 percent of the advertising market in Kemerovo Oblast. It also makes money providing PR support for the Kuzbass administration, that is, for Governor Sergey Tsivilyov: the company is responsible for all the major events with his participation. By the way, the owner of the media asset is Svetlana Rybalchenko, sister of the coal tycoon Mikhail Fedyaev.

The media group organizes Miner's Days, beauty contests, and boxing matches. Officials, such as the Kuzbass Governor and Russian parliamentarians from the region, are always present at such events. Kuzbass Media Group represents the Kemerovo Oblast on the federal level—for example, the company has organized the Days of Kuzbass in the Russian Federation Council (upper house of the Russian parliament), and was responsible for the Kemerovo Oblast stand at the Eastern Economic Forum and St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

Kuzbass Media Group is part of the Siberian Business Union (Russian: Сибирский деловой союз, or Sibirskiy Delovoy Souz (SDS)), a diversified holding the main activity of which is coal mining. SDS is co-owned by the oligarch Mikhail Fedyaev, whose fortune was estimated by Forbes magazine at $ 600 million in 2019. Mr. Fedyaev is not a stranger to the Russian authorities. In 2018, his candidacy appeared on the lists compiled by the Presidential Administration choosing a successor for Aman Tuleyev: the Kuzbass governor of 19 years was preparing to leave his post due to illness, and the Presidential Administration was urgently looking for a replacement. Fedyaev was one of the closest people to Tuleyev, as Moscow Carnegie Center wrote.

Apart from her work for Kuzbass Media Group, Ms. Gorelkina is the chair of the board of Kemerovo Oblast Boxing Federation, the board of trustees of which is headed by none other than Mikhail Fedyaev.

Mr. Fedyaev, among other things, is the owner of the ill-famed Listvyazhnaya mine, where 51 people died and 92 were injured in a methane explosion on November 25, 2021. December 2021, Fedyaev was arrested and sent to a pre-trial detention center.

The Investigative Committee believes that the owner of the mine was aware that safety rules were violated at Listvyazhnaya Mine, but did nothing. When the court was selecting a measure of restraint against Fedyaev, telephone conversations of top managers of SDS Coal Holding, through which Fedyaev owns the mine, were made public. It followed from them that the top management of SDS Coal was aware of the gross violations. It was also clear from the conversations that after the tragedy, managers backdated the purchase of safety equipment for the miners. So, RUB 500 thousand were allocated for the purchase of methane sensors, but zero was spent. Half a million rubles was spent on gas analyzers, although they should have been seven million. They did not spend a penny on self-rescuers, but they should have spent 121 thousand.

The media controlled by Ms. Gorelkina immediately reacted to the situation, blaming everything on Vladimir Gridin (Fedyaev's former partner), who had left for Monaco.

That explains the fact that the public outrage towards Mikhail Fedyaev in the region was silenced. It is logical that the media controlled by Ms. Gorelkina did not mention the owner of the mine in a negative context.

Collier patronage

The regional Open City Internet portal connects Russian Duma parliamentarian Anton Gorelkin with Siberian Business Union Company (Russian: Сибирский деловой союз, or Sibirskiy Delovoy Souz (SDS)). Anastasiya Tanasyuk, Vice-President for Mass Media and Trade of SDS Company was known to be close friends with Anton Gorelkin. Since 2016, Anastasiya Tanasyuk was a member of the Expert Council of the Committee on Information Policies, IT and Communications at the 7th Russian Duma. It is also known that in 2012, Ms. Tanasyuk joined the Management Board of the Happiness for Children charitable foundation (as of March 2019, she was listed on the website as Anastasiya Gorelkina). MP Anton Gorelkin's Facebook page also states that he is married to Anastasiya Gorelkina. Photos from Anastasiya Tanasyuk's personal website and Anastasiya Gorelkina's Facebook page match.

Ms. Tanasyuk came to the media space of Kemerovo Oblast directly from a branch of Mikhail Fedyaev’s SDS Coal Holding called SDS-Alco Trading House LLC, where she was listed as CEO until 2013.

The main job of Anastasiya Gorelkina, as a mouthpiece of propaganda, is to praise the Governor: at first, Aman Tuleyev, and now, Sergey Tsivilyov. Also on her shoulders is the hard work of creating a positive media background for the Kuzbass coal mining companies. Kuzbass Media Group is not only in charge for the image of Mr. Fedyaev’s coal holding alone. There is a good reason why Anastasiya Gorelkina’s paycheck is many times higher than that of her husband, member of the Russian Federation State Duma.

Anton Gorelkin’s income for 2021.

Anton Gorelkin’s own income: RUB 5,654,616.05

The income of his wife, Anastasiya Gorelkina (Tanasyuk): RUB 46,757,622.03

Real estate

Land plot, 1500 sq. m (joint ownership)

Residential building, 370.9 sq. m (joint ownership)

Apartment, 58.8 sq. m (share ownership), 1/4 share

Apartment, 79.9 sq. m (rented)

Non-residential building (bath house), 81.4 sq. m (joint ownership)

Spouse: Land plot, 1500 sq. m (joint ownership)

Spouse: Residential building, 370.9 sq. m (joint ownership)

Spouse: Non-residential building (bathhouse), 81.4 sq. m (joint ownership)

Child: Land plot, 1500 sq. m (in use)

Child: Land plot, 1500 sq. m (in use)

Child: Residential building, 370.9 sq. m (in use)

Child: Residential building, 370.9 sq. m (in use)

Child: Apartment, 79.9 sq. m (in use)


Automobile, BMW X7 XDRIVE 40I

Kuzbass MediaGroup

Advertising in the press, on the radio, on billboards—all this seems to earn you even more money in Kemerovo Oblast than mining. Kuzbass Media Group employs only 12 people, and yet, its income is simply cosmic: in 2021, it was RUB 128,483,000. Yet, net profit for the same period amounted to only RUB 442,000. Anastasiya Gorelkina's income for 2020 was RUB 44,808,066.69. In 2021, it was RUB 46,757,622.03. On average, Ms. Gorelkina earns RUB 3 million per month.

Now let’s see what services Kuzbass Media Group provides, and to whom. Among its customers are Kemerovo City Administration, law-enforcement authorities, health and education institutions. However, a huge number of government contracts yield only about one tenth of the total income of Kuzbass Media Holding.

But that's not all. Anastasiya Gorelkina is also the head of the Siberian Trading House Company. The organization provides fourteen different types of services, ranging from packaging and transportation, to mysterious “other assistance” to other organizations.

In 2018, Siberian Trading House earned a fabulous net profit of RUB 91,062,000. Its revenue was RUB 3,201,000. And then a black streak began for the Company: its revenues started falling sharply, until in 2021 net profit went minus RUB 2,714,000. It is difficult to imagine that the same company is paying Anastasiya Gorelkina the bulk of her three-million monthly incomes.

Studying open sources, it is generally difficult to understand how the family of Russian MP Gorelkin earns their money. On the one hand, Kemerovo Oblast is not Moskow, and radio advertising—which people only listen to when in cars—can hardly be worth its weight in gold. One more funny thing: it turns out that someone in Siberian Trading House is constantly being fined for violating the traffic rules for ... 0 rubles.

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