Russian Citizens for a Better Environment!

Why is Russian Duma parliamentarian Anton Gorelkin not afraid of sanctions? That is because he has a wonderful wife, Anastasiya Gorelkina. She earns many times more than her husband. She is not yet under sanctions, despite the fact that propaganda in Kemerovo Oblast rests on the shoulders of this “fragile” woman. Military propaganda included. Anastasiya Gorelkina, née Tanasyuk, is the wife of Russian Duma member Anton Gorelkin, who introduces crazy bills (for example, on limiting foreign capital in Russian major Internet resources to 20 percent). Ms. Gorelkina manages the largest media holding in the Kuzbass, and patronizes coal miners of the region, Mikhail Fedyaev in particular.

Environmental activist Yevgenia Pruss was charged with anti-Semitism and fined. Journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva was fined and added to the list of “terrorists and extremists.” The court expert in both cases was Olga Yakotsuts (INN 190104110270). Those who have read Yakotsuts’s expert reports have just one question for her, “You have a degree in psychology, no kidding?” because it is hard to believe.

Timur Frank is a sinister character by any standards. This is the reputation he has earned as the manager and beneficiary of the Kuznetsky Yuzhny Mine Company. Frank gave up his position to another person after the events at the Kuzbass village of Cheremza, near the town of Myski. Those events involved violations of the Russian laws, and large-scale persecution of eco-activists and journalists who reported abuses of human rights by Kuznetsky Yuzhny Mine Company.

Information support of environmentalists’ activities is a significant tool to confront violation of the “green” legislation. Consequently, those people environmentalists confront to, try to make use of the social networks and media too. And, along with brave people who are committed to stand for protection of nature, provocateurs are regularly showing up. Their task is to defame good people. One of them is Sergey Dorofeev, a citizen of Moscow.